Friday, 22 August 2014

It has taken us some days to get over our long journey from Liverpool to Normandy.  The weather has dropped a few degrees and I felt slightly out of sorts, even taking to wearing socks one day I felt quite chilled.  I'm a huge believer that our bodies show us signs when it's time to make changes and I've learnt to pay attention from the first warnings.  I'll be pulling out the preventive, natural remedies over the next few weeks as the children go back to school and the temperatures drop even more.  Having trained in aromatherapy, our house is never without the basics which work brilliantly for us.
Joseph has been an only child all week, his siblings have been away with their grandparents in Brittany.  I think he has enjoyed the attention he's had and it's been nice for us to see him play alone.  We've watched him play for hours in his bedroom with little boys' toys, rather than being stimulated by the bigger children and their activites.
Elsewhere, my views against homework have become firmer and I discovered a great blog The Slowpoke ....

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