Saturday, 16 August 2014

1, 2 & 5 : the Welsh mountains, Snowdonia area
6 : my baby girl snapping away
7 & 8 : the wind and rain can't keep us away from the beach
9 : beautiful old Kilim cushion covers
10 : my husband in his happy place, the pub
11 : I love her so
12 : new woollens from the Welsh Greyhound charity shop
13 : Chess in the castle grounds
Soon we'll be back in France, preparing all that the end of summer brings, getting ready for the start of school and the usual routines.  Summer is always so short but this one has been fun.  It seems I've spent 2 months packing and unpacking bags.  We've just spent a fortnight in England and as usual stayed a few days in my grandparents old cottage in North Wales.  I've been visiting this area for forty years and feel almost at home when we are there.  I never tire of the mountain views, the deep green of the hills and the friendly people.
Although it's hard saying goodbye to family here, I'm excited about what the next few months will bring.  We have major renovation work about to begin on our home, I'm due to begin a new teaching post in the local schools and we're already planning our holidays for next's all good.


  1. Beautiful pictures - and children!

    1. Thank you Sophie, I'm very happy to hear from you! Your children are absolutely stunning xx