Sunday, 31 August 2014


Yesterday we made a toast with the kids to our well-spent summer and to welcome the start of the new term.  We have never been much of a "fly by the seat of our pants" kind of family.  We enjoy structure and organisation, which is why we aren't sad to return to our usual, everyday routine.  The children are very excited to go back to school, I'm happy to begin a new work venture and we're all looking forward to having three newly renovated rooms by the end of the year.  But don't get me wrong, I want to prolong time spent outdoors with my face to the sun, I feel we didn't spend enough time this Summer on the beach and can hardly remember wearing sundresses and sandals now. 
Here's to Autumn fires and woollen socks.
1.  the last of our Hydrangeas, I love their fading colour
2.  in the park
3.  our tomato plants have just started to ripen, they taste so sweet
4.  tomorrow is her final day as a seven year old, I wish I could bottle it up for her to remember
5.  Autumn in the air
6.  mon coeur

Friday, 22 August 2014

It has taken us some days to get over our long journey from Liverpool to Normandy.  The weather has dropped a few degrees and I felt slightly out of sorts, even taking to wearing socks one day I felt quite chilled.  I'm a huge believer that our bodies show us signs when it's time to make changes and I've learnt to pay attention from the first warnings.  I'll be pulling out the preventive, natural remedies over the next few weeks as the children go back to school and the temperatures drop even more.  Having trained in aromatherapy, our house is never without the basics which work brilliantly for us.
Joseph has been an only child all week, his siblings have been away with their grandparents in Brittany.  I think he has enjoyed the attention he's had and it's been nice for us to see him play alone.  We've watched him play for hours in his bedroom with little boys' toys, rather than being stimulated by the bigger children and their activites.
Elsewhere, my views against homework have become firmer and I discovered a great blog The Slowpoke ....

Saturday, 16 August 2014

1, 2 & 5 : the Welsh mountains, Snowdonia area
6 : my baby girl snapping away
7 & 8 : the wind and rain can't keep us away from the beach
9 : beautiful old Kilim cushion covers
10 : my husband in his happy place, the pub
11 : I love her so
12 : new woollens from the Welsh Greyhound charity shop
13 : Chess in the castle grounds
Soon we'll be back in France, preparing all that the end of summer brings, getting ready for the start of school and the usual routines.  Summer is always so short but this one has been fun.  It seems I've spent 2 months packing and unpacking bags.  We've just spent a fortnight in England and as usual stayed a few days in my grandparents old cottage in North Wales.  I've been visiting this area for forty years and feel almost at home when we are there.  I never tire of the mountain views, the deep green of the hills and the friendly people.
Although it's hard saying goodbye to family here, I'm excited about what the next few months will bring.  We have major renovation work about to begin on our home, I'm due to begin a new teaching post in the local schools and we're already planning our holidays for next's all good.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Vintage adventures and the best bookshop.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Already one week of our holiday in England is over.  It has been very relaxing to step away from our everyday routine - spending quality time with my family, visiting old friends, familiar places...Today we spent the day with my dad on Crosby beach, Liverpool where we saw for the first time Antony Gormley's impressive cast-iron figures .

In other places, the perfect morning routine, if only...