Monday, 25 May 2015

The basics

We've been camping at the same place for nearly 6 years. Vast, almost empty beaches and sand dunes have filled our long weekend. It's refreshing and liberating to spend a few days without internet, with no care to how we look or even how clean we are. On our one gas ring, we cook simple meals and go to bed early in the evening to the sound of the sea. Last night we walked an hour on the sand, the kids in their pyjamas and bare feet. Afterwards, Joseph told us suddenly that he'd had "a lovely day". We repeated this again before sleeping. 

Today I did yoga on the beach while they paddled and built cabanes. We love the simplicity of these few days every year, it reminds us that we don't need more than what we already have, and we don't need a lot to be happy.

I've given up on photo editing. All my pictures are taken on manual mode, they aren't perfect but I don't want or need to rose-tint our life. What you see is what you get.

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