Monday, 2 March 2015



Oh my goodness.  I've mentioned before here just how important family is to me.  This past weekend I realised again just how grateful and lucky I am to have such loving people around me.  Yesterday, I turned forty.  I had told my husband for a long time that I didn't want a party to celebrate but we had planned a special weekend in Deauville with the children.  Unbeknown to me, he had organised with my mum and sister that they would secretly travel to France and meet us for the weekend.  Well, I couldn't have had a nicer birthday and it means so much that they made such an effort to be here.  I really have come away with the best memories of those two days.  


  1. Happy happy birthday Elizabeth. ( love from Bahrain) xx

    1. Oh wow birthday greetings from Bahrain...and I only know one Tamara there ;) Thank you!!! And I miss you! When are you coming to visit us? And where is your blog??? Love to you and your gorgeous family xx

  2. You know, I've just read your reply (I just saw there is a notify button). I read it after reading about your daughter not playing with dolls and holding your hand, and I got all melancholy tears in my eyes.