Sunday, 5 October 2014

I love the simplicity of everyday moments; watching my kids draw pictures, chatting over mugs of tea with loved ones, hanging laundry in the garden, Sunday walks, morning cuddles with warm, sleepy children and catching up with my husband in the evenings over a glass of wine...
These small, insignificant moments which mean the most.

1.  our Geraniums are still going strong
2 and 3.  he has spent so much time this week drawing and colouring.  The omy giant poster has been such a huge success that he'll receive another for his upcoming birthday
4, 5 and 6.  real life is outside
7.  I'm in love with this vintage sheet from the charity shop, the faded blue and the florals are so pretty

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  1. Elizabeth! I just received your package - and I am so deeply touched! So kind you are <3 The skirt is lovely, just perfect. I was searching in my inbox for your email address, but couldn't find it. I would love it if you have time to email it for me: The girls haven't seen the package yet, but I can't wait to pick them up and share it with them. I see that the skirt fits Frida Viola perfectly and I know she will love it. You really made my day, cause it's so grey and rainy and I'm struggling with an article I can't get a handle on. Lots of love and thoughts (and by the way I see, that my comment on this post a couple of days ago somehow has dissapeared - I think it happens when I'm linking to my new blog - but I was writing that I love that vintage sheet!)