Sunday, 21 September 2014

Fresh garden roses and a walk around our local château.  Little things to lift the spirits. 

This past week my resilience has been tested and having such a loving, supportive family has helped me to cope.  It's true that age brings wisdom and a certain clarity on life about what's important, what can be edited and what should be cherished.  I no doubt still have a lot to learn but feel that I've grown wiser over the past couple of years.  Perhaps through seeing loved ones disappear from life unexpectedly or watching as the children grow so fast, I've come to realize how fragile and fleeting our time is.  I also see now so clearly that family means everything to me.  I remember a conversation with my wise, old grandmother a few years ago when times were tough and my husband had just been made redundant.  She said as long as we were clean, well-fed, warm and that we had each other then the rest didn't matter.  How right she was.  I think family and love are indeed all that matters.


  1. Those roses... And I truly hope you are all well - your words both make me happy and a bit worried. Lots of thoughts and love, Inger Marie

  2. I'm sorry to have worried you Inger Marie. I had to have minor surgery last week, nothing major but I don't react well to conventional medicine or being bed-ridden, neither suits me! I am grateful though to be in good health. Have a good week, Elizabeth x